Renee Voice


Renee is a registered Psychologist based on the Northern beaches of Sydney and her main focus is on Couple’s Therapy. She was born in South Africa and after completing her degrees, she worked with a government department administering psychological, psychometric testing and assessing individuals for sheltered employment. She then completed a Higher Diploma of Education and worked as a school psychologist for many years. Since arriving in Sydney, she has studied different modalities to expand her practice. Renee has experience in infertility, adoption, immigration and trauma. She recently completed the first year of the ICAPP (Institute of Child and Adolescent Psychodynamic Psychotherapy) course. One of components of this course was to observe a newborn baby for a year. This study has helped Renee to develop further an understanding of how the family, society and world events can impact the development of the child. In her experience working with couples, she has seen how these early adaptations and defences can show up in adult relationships.

Many people today feel isolated and alone in their relationships. It is a basic human need to connect so the breakdown of relationships can be extremely painful. About 15 years ago, Renee was introduced to a relationship therapy model called Imago Relationship Therapy (IRT) and was amazed at how powerful this therapy is. It has been energising and so rewarding for her to see how the tools of this approach can help couples to reconnect and communicate. Through creating a warm and safe therapeutic space, a little psychoeducation and the teaching of new communication skills, Renee can help the couple’s relationship move from one of conflict to one with greater connection and joy. Conflict is seen as a normal development in a relationship and, as such, is an opportunity for growth - growth not only in the relationship but for each partner. In addition, what couples learn in the therapeutic room can be applied at home so that their new ways of communicating are not isolated to the sessions with the therapist.

Renee works Thursdays at Avalon Wholistic Centre, you can call us on 9918 2288 for bookings.

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