Book Club

A Mind of Her Own, Dr Kelly Brogan

Psychiatrist, Dr Kelly Brogan, dives deep into origins of depression and anxiety. She thoroughly reviews medical literature, examines current pharmacological approaches to mental health and offers alternatives.

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The Hormone Cure, Dr Sarah Gottfried

Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Dr Sarah Gottfried, examines how nutrition and lifestyle powerfully impact female hormonal health. You will find some hard-core science in this book but also plenty of practical advice.

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Simplicious, Sarah Willson

This book rarely leaves my kitchen. It has great tips on how to fill up your freezer, get organised for the week and whip up a meal in minutes.  We keep you in mind. No need to hunt for rare and expensive ingredients.

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Grain Brain, Dr David Perlmutter

A renowned neurologist, Dr Perlmutter, explores the gut-brain connection and the way our diet is increasingly challenging our physiology. For those who would like to dive deeper, ‘Brain Maker’ is the sequel and also a very interesting read.  

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The Third Plate: Field Notes on the Future of Food

New York chef, Dan Barber, embarks on ten years of surveying farming communities around the world. He offers a fascinating insight into the history of farming, food and cooking. Reading this book will forever change the way you view your food, what you eat and how you eat it.

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