Integrative Medicine Centre

Dr Lorna Scott offers general medical consults for all ages. She has a special interest in women's  and children's health, all chronic health problems, digestive disorders, inflammatory bowel disease, post viral fatigue syndromes, arthritis, upper respiratory allergies, eczema, and all menopause and hormonal problems.

Yes! We have direct online claiming at the Centre providing you can supply your Medicare card and a debit card. Your rebate will be in your account the next day.


Dr Lorna does not routinely bulk bill patients. Generally you pay for your appointment and either do a direct claim from medicare, or claim from Medicare yourself. It is at her discretion as to whether she will agree to bulkbill you. She may consider this if you are on a pension or have a genuine hardship.


Integrative medicine and nutritional consultations can assist in chronic health problems, by using clinically proven natural products to improve health.

Many chronic diseases have their origin in the digestive system, where poor digestion, poor assimilation of nutirients, dysbiosis (inbalance of micro-organisms in the gut) and inflammation has resulted in a multi system disorder.

These consultations tend to be long and require a pre booking of 40 to 60 minutes. Dr Scott will take a detailed history.

Dr Lorna also prescribes herbal medicines individually for her patients when appropriate, and when drug medications are not appropriate or not tolerated. She enjoys the concept of using “herbal tonics”, a concept that has been lost in modern medical treatment.