About Us

In 1985 our wholistic centre opened in a cheerful cottage on the main road in Avalon. It was a friendly place, and nothing has really changed since then, despite a change of principal in 1995, when Dr Anthony Shapiro took the reins, and a change of venue in 2000 when our little cottage fell to the developers, and we found our new home upstairs in the middle of Avalon, where we enjoy ocean glimpses, lovely light and access to fresh air.

We have always believed in providing a relaxed peaceful environment where experienced professional practitioners will offer intelligent informed caring treatment based on sound training and extensive experience. Where everyone you speak to is helpful, knowledgeable and yes, friendly!

Avalon Wholistic Centre in 2018 is a thriving oasis with an excellent complement of well-known practitioners and modalities, and a reputation, which we all take much pride in, for combining professional and personal excellence in a caring way.

We look forward to extending our welcome to you.

A photo of the office reception