Stocking Your Kitchen

Taste Organic

This is a one-stop shop for everything healthy, green and eco-friendly. They have a good selection of seasonal fruit and vegetables, well-stocked meat and seafood section and even some healthy options for those days when you just can’t cook from scratch. You will also find a huge range of natural personal care and cleaning products that will help you minimise your chemical exposure. The staff are always friendly and will go out of their way to order anything you can’t find in the shop.  

Rawesome, Westfield Hornsby

This is health food shop hiding in a shopping centre. They are small but very well stocked. They also sell kombucha starter cultures and have a nice collection of health-focused cookbooks. Every 1st Thursday of the month you can enjoy store-wide discounts. 

Berkelouw Bookshop, Westfield Hornsby 

Whenever I need inspiration for my menu I dive into Berkelouw’s amazing collection of cookbooks. They also have a great collection of health-related titles, books on eco-friendly architecture and a tantalising selection of organic teas that you can sample while sitting in the café and browsing through the books. 

Hornsby Farmers Market

I believe that being in touch with people who grow my food is very important. Every Thursday morning I make my weekly trip to the market, often with my 3 boys in tow. We chat about the produce and how seasons and weather impact what is available. They now know that carrots are packed with Vitamin A, that chooks don’t lay many eggs when it is cold and that real apples have blemishes. 

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