Karen Prowse

Clinical Psychologist

Karen has about 25 years’ experience working as a Clinical Psychologist. She has worked as a manager of mental health services at St Vincent’s Hospital and as a Senior Clinical Psychologist in NSW Health.

Her work has involved helping children, adolescents and adults who are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, or are experiencing sleep problems, trouble relaxing, work pressure or relationship difficulties.

Karen is experienced in using best practice strategies to achieve your goals sooner. Seeing her is a place you can go to look at your options and who you want to be, and what you want from your life. She will support you through times of change, to be the best you can be.

Karen lives and works locally and is familiar with the unique issues of living on the Northern Beaches.

Counselling.. you don’t need anything wrong with you to go to counselling.

Medicare rebates available. Seeing Karen gives you more money back from Medicare as she is registered as a specialist.

Private health insurance rebates too.

It is a safe confidential place to explore where you are now and what future you want.

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