Jessica Gouldthorpe

Practice Manager

Jess has been with the Centre since 2006, and after 11 years of working at reception she is now the Centres Practice Manager. She has extensive reception and dental nursing experience, and is well qualified to help with all aspects of keeping our Centre turning over smoothly and efficiently.

Jess’s role covers a great deal of ground, from all aspects of making sure the Centre is running optimally for patients, practitioners and staff, to wages and all the other myriad administrative details of a busy Centre.

She lives locally, with her family, and she is always willing to help with any matter. One of her main concerns is ensuring that everyone who visits the Centre feels that their needs have been seen to in a friendly and professional way. She is the perfect person to speak to regarding any issue, from compliments to complaints, and everything in between

Jess is at the Centre Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. At other times you can leave a message on her desk, or with anyone at Reception, or you can email her at

Jess knows just about all there is to know about Avalon Wholistic Medical & Dental Centre. And if she doesn’t know something, you can be sure she will find out for you!

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