Integrative Medicine Centre

General Medicine

Dr Lorna has a special interest in women and children’s health, all chronic health problems, digestive disorders, inflammatory bowel disease, post viral fatigue syndromes, arthritis, upper respiratory allergies, eczema, menopause, and hormonal problems. Consults for all ages, with an emphasis on chronic conditions. 

First consultation tend to be long, to assess history and discuss possible treatments. All appointments are booked in advance, although several times are kept free each day for emergency appointments for current patients.

Integrative & Nutritional Medicine

Integrative medicine and nutritional consultations especially assist with chronic health problems.

Many chronic diseases have their origin in the digestive system, where poor digestion, poor assimilation of nutrients, dysbiosis (imbalance of micro-organisms in the gut) and inflammation has resulted in a multi system disorder.

These consultations tend to be long and require a pre booking of 40 to 60 minutes.

Herbal Dispensary

Dr Lorna mixes herbal medicines individually for her patients when appropriate, and when drug medications are not appropriate or not tolerated. She enjoys the concept of using “herbal tonics”, a concept that has been lost in modern medical treatment.

IV Vitamin Clinic

In particular vitamin C infusions can be used in viral infections, e.g.shingles, hepatitis, glandular fever, post viral syndromes and chronic fatigue states. Practice Nurse Caroline Lodge will perform these infusions in our IV clinic.

Integrative Oncology

Integrative oncology consultations to assist cancer patients with “living well” and reducing side effects whilst they are undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy. This is with the permission of, and in consultation with the patient's medical oncologist.


Referral within the clinic and a multi practitioner approach. Dr Lorna refers to other practitioners within the practice:

Nutrition for weight loss patients is generally referred in house to our weight management consultant Lesley Gray. Dr Lorna works closely with osteopath Francois Naef and refers patients to him for musculoskeletal problems Prior to the referral she will have made a diagnosis and arranged imaging if required.

Dr Lorna may refer, if appropriate to our clinical psychologist Dr Karen Prowse for mental health problems, and this can be managed under a Medicare Mental Health Care plan.

In all these circumstances the patient's privacy is always respected. Dr Lorna meets with and discusses any referrals with the allied practitioners involved, including the plan of treatment and they report back to her.